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Carole Bain    No Website    25/2/2005 course arrived yesterday.... excellent, many thanks. Can't wait to get studying All the best to everyone at the O C, thanks again.

Country: UK
City: Lake District

Michelle Ferguson    Home Learning    24/2/2005
Having five young kids getting back to work or even training for a new future became difficult as time was split between being a full time mum and housewife but after deciding to get some of "me" back, i found this site really informative and thank you for helping a mentally starved mum have something new to do for a change instead of the same old routine i had become. Look out, here comes a new improved me.

Country: Scotland
City: Glasgow

Debbie    No Website    10/2/2005
Thanks for all your help Mike and Luke

Country: UK
City: Kent

Dean Johnson    No Website    04/2/2005
Thanks for the continued support and superb communications. Very pleased with my progress so far and hope to continue with study. If your thinking about enrolling I recommend these guys. The service and support is second to none.

Country: UK
City: Wigan

Sam Marshall    No Website    20/1/2005
An excellent site. Very useful information. Very much worth reading if interested in psychology. Very informative site. very easy to get around which helps a great deal. Thank you

Country: UK
City: Leeds

Maxine Whatson CH.Ed.DIP stress/reflex/InHe.BSYcur hyp    No Website    02/1/2005
Registers are a good way for people to find a safe qualified therapist.

Country: UK
City: Essex

Sharon    No Website    29/9/2004
I found the website to be very informative and the college offers lots of good courses. I have always been interested in counselling but have found evening classes difficult to get to, home study is a lot easier for me to do and being able to study at my own pace is good also.

Country: UK
City: London

Winafred Rozario    No Website    26/9/2004
I have just registered my London-based Massage Service on your excellent Web Site promoting complementary medicine. The more of such sites that we have the better - so thank you.

Country: UK
City: London

Wendy Blease    No Website    22/9/2004
I am a spiritual healer but I am also undertaking and will qualify in September Indian Head Massage, Reiki II and Hopi Ear Therpay,I am also hoping to qualify in the area of Stress Managment. I work in a centre called Spirit Connex in Whiston Rotherham. A centre for Complementary Health & Healing

Country: UK
City: Rotherham

Stephanie    Us!    12/9/2004
Thanks Mike, Love Steph

Country: UK
City: Birmingham

Dimitrios Kimoglou    Counselling    15/8/2004
Thanks Mike very nice course hypnosis/psychology

Country: Greece
City: Aridea

Robert Peters    No Website    31/7/2004
Easy to get around the site, would like to see sample pages from lessons or even sample lesson ? Intend to enrol soon. thanks.

Country: UK

Alex Salted    Top 50 Online Casino    25/7/2004
Very interesting!Thanks!

Country: USA
City: NY

Monica Julain    No Website    24/7/2004
I have received the prospectus from yourselves and I am in the process of enrolling on a course. thankyou

Country: UK
City: Northumberland

Alex Basket    Your worldwide Drug Index!    23/7/2004
Very good site! Good look!

Country: USA
City: New York

Angela McLean    Reiki steps    17/7/2004
Lots of interesting, useful links. Visit my site for details of Reiki healing and training courses near Dronfield, Deryshire. Animals healing too.

Country: UK
City: Dronfield

Amber    Online Mall    12/7/2004
Just passing thru & wanted to say nice site!

Country: USA
City: Washington Dc

Neil    Earn Multiple Streams Of Automated Income    11/7/2004
A lot of great information. I'll be sure to comr back. If you would like to have my FREE 7-Volume Software Library send me an email.

Country: USA
City: Dallas

Peter Svensson    Conditions & Diseases     03/7/2004
Real nice website! I like the article about Reflexology. Very interresting and informative!

Country: Sweden
City: Gothenburg

Coreen Gonzalez    Anger management    16/6/2004
I would like to earn my AA degree for drug and alcohol and anger management.

Country: USA
City: Montebello

Jennifer Henry    No Website    14/6/2004
No Comments left.

Country: UK
City: Birmingham

Sharon Withe    First withe performance    08/5/2004
No Comments left.

Country: Thailand
City: Bangkok

Julie Canham    No Website    21/4/2004
Thanks Kim, I got it all this morning, much appreciated.

Country: UK
City: Worcs

Paula Reid    No Website    14/4/2004
Thanks to everyone especially Stephanie who answered endless questions with ease I look forward to working with u as soon as my pack arrives guys!!!

Country: UK

Nic    Skibike Ltd    22/3/2004
Hi, courses sound interesting maybe a yoga class will help with my skibiking!


Jim clark    Listen online to classic poems    18/3/2004
I thought you surfers might enjoying laying back and relaxing whilst enjoying dozens of online unique recordings of classic and original English poems set to music. Regards.

Country: England
City: London

Pat Davies    No website    17/3/2004
Thanks Mike, received the course today. Very interesting. I have emailed you. Cheers all.

Country: UK
City: Chester

John Weston    Weight loss programme    12/3/2004
Thanks for listing us!

Country: UK

Georgette Ellison    CGE Counselling    2/3/2004
Looking forward to joining you!

Country: UK

Tammy Majchrzak    Simply Natural    2/3/2004
Nice website, very informative thanks.

Country: UK

Tammy    No website    12/2/2004
Hi ya, just passing through, interesting site.

Country: UK

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